SBB: Pray for Las Vegas

Hello everybody!



I decided to hold off on a regular, fun-lovin’ Blues-Buster because of the recent events that just unfolded in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I hope all of my readers and their families are OK; I am definitely hoping there will be a way we can all reach out to and help the victims of this tragedy.


It’s crazy to think that in the space of ten minutes, more than 50 people died.  People who had no idea that would be their last night on earth.  This is so tragic, I don’t really have the words for it.  I would like to ask that today, you would pause for a little while, and pray.  Pray for the victim’s souls; pray for their families, to be comforted, strengthened, and given grace for the hard days ahead.  Pray that something good will come out of this horrible event.  Pray about when you die; think about the end of your life.  Because one day it will come.  We can’t predict it.  We can only live the best we can till we die – and then where will you be?  I pray you will be safe in the arms of Jesus.


Too many people were lost last night.  But I know each of their lives mattered to God, and not one of them is forgotten.  Each one of them mattered, and the world will sorely miss them.

I love you guys!  May the Lord’s healing power work in all our lives.

I don’t know about tomorrow…


“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

-Romans 12:15

5 thoughts on “SBB: Pray for Las Vegas

  1. Amen. Even when we don’t know what today brings, and we worry about tomorrow, one thing is sure. Jesus Christ. He is our Prince of Peace. May peace and assurance be upon those affected.

    May this wake us up to not pray for the world only when disaster strikes. I need to work on this myself.

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    1. Oh my goodness! Girl, I have been a terrible blogger! I apologise for not getting back earlier. Things have not been bad, per se, but certainly I’ve had a lot to adjust to – but God is good. Again, I am so sorry it took THIS LONG to reply. Soon I will be resuming posts – I never took down my site because I kept hoping to come back to it someday!

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    1. Maggie, I’ve missed you too! I’m getting back into the blogging world today!!! I apologize deeply for taking this long to reply to your comment, and for not blogging in forever – since I last posted I graduated from TCC with an associate’s degree and I’m finishing my bachelors at SFA in Nacogdoches, Texas! I’ve missed this blog and I’m going to try to bring it back this year. I’m glad I got back on to see the sweet comment from you – looking forward to getting back in touch with you!

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