SBB: Gold


Spun Gold

By Amy Carmichael


We cannot bring Thee praise like golden noon-light

Shining on earth’s green floor;

Our song is more like silver of the moonlight,

But we adore.

We cannot bring Thee, O Beloved, ever,

Pure song of woodland bird;

And yet we know the song of Thy least lover

In love is heard.

O blessed be the love that nothing spurneth;

We sing, Love doth enfold

Our little song in love; our silver turneth

To fine spun-gold.


House of Gold cover – a video teens at my brother’s church put together.  Look closely in the video – my brother’s the bass player actor 🙂  Congratulations to Joshua Moore for putting together this fabulous cover and video!!!

Please also remember the victims of Hurricane Harvey in your prayers.


9 thoughts on “SBB: Gold

  1. Girl. Everything about this post is fantastic!! The pictures you shared, the poem that went along with them, the video you gave a link to (which they did an outstanding job on, by the way!) is so beautiful and encouraging! 💛💛💛

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  2. Shannon, Jerry and I loved your photos and the video with C. I was reminded of a scripture passage from I Peter 1:3-10, “…more precious than gold…” Love you!

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    1. That is so sweet Grandma! Thank you for the kind comment! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. My schoolwork is really keeping me busy – but I’m going to keep this blog up best I can! I love you guys 🙂


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