SBB – Insurance, and Simple Revelation

SBB: Insurance, and Simple Revelation


Ok, so first I’ll let ya’ll into the reflection that’s been on my mind this week:


Like many people, I’ve always wanted to do something ‘big’.  That is, make a big impact.  Change people’s lives – or heck, why not the world?  I want my life to have meant something, to be something bigger than myself.  I wanted to do something that, at first, I thought was for God.  Then, I realized I wanted to actually do something for God, so that He might accept or want me.  And then came the realization that all these big selfless plans weren’t for other people – they were for me.  For MY sanctification, MY experience, MY own pride, MY own standing with God, MY own glory- which is hilarious, because what can I give my God?  When He gave me everything when I had nothing?


The other day, upon reflection, He gave me a peace.  And a challenge.


Sanctification is ultimately in God’s hand, not my own.  After all, my life is no longer my own.  I don’t need to worry that I will never progress to where I need to be.  God completes His work (Philippians 1:6) and ‘It is the Lord’s purpose that prevails,’ (Proverbs 19:21).  God will get me where I need to be according to His will.  He’ll tell me when I need to do something or not do something. This gives me so much peace, knowing that even my mistakes can and will be used for good.  And the challenge?  To continue in that to which I was called – schoolwork, housework, volunteer work, petsitting, babysitting, visiting others, going to church, applying for colleges and scholarships and jobs, making dinner, eating dinner – in a way that pleases the Lord.  Because throughout the Bible, God honors those who are faithful with whatever small task He gives them.  David was a faithful shepherd boy, and the Lord noticed him, even though, to other men, David didn’t look like much.  The Lord notices, not just our deeds or our words, but our hearts.  So whatever I do this week – whatever we do this week – I pray we will do it for the glory of God, and that we will complete our mundanest tasks in a way that pleases Him – because that brings Him pleasure.  Let’s do everything we do, even the littlest thing, in love, God’s love, rather than give up all we possess and die like a martyr without it… (1 Corinthians 13). I know I have struggled to not just complete tasks this week, but to complete them without anxiety – to live a quiet life in His peace, without worrying about the future.  So let me offer up a small prayer for those of us who are worried right now:

Lord Jesus, I am worried and anxious about the future.  I lay down today, and all my future days, at your feet.   I give into Your Hands everything I’ve been anxious about.  I know You can take care of me.  I know You will take care of me.  Thank you for always looking out for me before, even when I thought I was alone.  Thank you that I will never be alone, because of you.  You know my desires and hopes for my future – please accomplish Your will.  Bring them to fruition if they are in Your will; please deny them if they are not in Your will.  Help me not to strive for control over the future, but to live well day by day, trusting You.





And if you need something to make you smile this morning, click here for goofy insurance claim excuses for car accidents!

9 thoughts on “SBB – Insurance, and Simple Revelation

  1. This was so beautiful and inspiring, Shannon ❤ thank you for sharing your thoughts and God-given wisdom! I truly needed to read it. Constantly, I'm torn between doing things for others, and doing things so that I will feel accepted by the Lord. My view of His love gets twisted so often … it helped me immensely to read your own story on this matter. Accomplishing all the things He gives us to do, big and small, for His glory is what He desires of us. This has given me a lot to ponder. I hope you have a blessed Sunday and upcoming week, girl! ❤

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    1. Your comment was such a blessing to read! You inspire me as well; i know God is working in our lives right now! I hope you and I continue to find that peace in His unconditional love. I hope you have a happy week too!❤

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  2. I really enjoy your blogs; was surprised at your pics from the farm in a previous blog. I agree that you are wise beyond your years and am very proud of you. Papa Jim

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