SBB: Westie Puppy Sunday Blues Buster

I’ve got dogs on the brain!  Partly because of Wesley, and because my parents were watching cute Westie puppy videos, and because I’m petsitting a very beautiful dog this weekend!

I’m also taking care of the cats, and several reptiles…


He’s cowering because I just told him no!  Wesley’s still in the puppy nipping stage…

I promise I’m not a mean owner though!!! We have so much fun together, and I love taking him on car rides with me!


Look at that perky face!

Here is a video that will put a smile on your face, even though it’s Sunday!


‘A Righteous Man Cares For The Needs Of His Animal,

But The Kindest Acts Of The Wicked Are Cruel.’

-Proverbs 12:10

I love you guys!

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