SBB: Little Things

Happy Sunday friends, family, relations, distant cousins, fellow foodies, geeks, etc…

What are you guys up to?  I would love to hear from you in the comments section on how your week is going. Also, thank you for all the kind comments and encouragement you give me!

I’ll admit this week has been busy, and in many ways, stressful.  There have been so many blessings – like working on painting my room with a beautiful new paint color that I can’t wait to show you guys!  I went shopping for a new chair, which I am so excited about, and again, will reveal once I have completed my room.  There has been a happy, lively Westie puppy to cuddle with these days, and I got to show my brothers where I go to college!  I gave them an extensive tour 🙂


However, these things also come with tests of my faith and patience.  Painting means putting my room into chaos – or at least it does for messy little me!  I don’t really enjoy chaos though 😦  Finding a new piece of furniture on a student budget was a challenge as well, although made much less so because of my thrifty mother’s help!  Wesley is definitely more active than Sugar, and between his energy level and potty training, sometimes I feel pressed for time in a day to accomplish everything.  Meanwhile, I have to continually surrender issues like transferring to another college and scholarships to the Lord.  Thankfully, I have another year left at community college, so I have time… I just need patience to wait for the Lord’s plans to unfold.


Today, I just wanted to share a few fun photos with you – maybe they will put a smile on your face, or a little hope in your heart.  These are just little things that have put some light in my eyes – maybe they will put some in yours too.

Puppy pictures 🙂


He’s just a white blur!!!



He travels by leaps and bounds!



A friendly wink!


A gorgeous pillow I saw this week at Home Goods while shopping for a chair!  I didn’t buy it; it just seemed too pricey, but I loved it because it matches my bedroom sheets so perfectly.  It’s so soft and boho!


A cool pair of shoes I spotted in a little store – again, I didn’t purchase them, but I think they were pretty awesome, and picturesque. Have you figured out that I’m a cheapskate yet?


Can you spot what we have here?


Let’s move closer.


A classy lady in red and black polka dots!


A majestic sunset.


Well, stay tuned, dear readers.  I will be answering some questions about myself, as I was nominated for an award, in an upcoming post!  Other cool blog post ideas are floating around my head, we’ll see if they are as cool as I am picturing them 🙂  More news to come:  what color did Shannon paint her room?  Will Wesley be potty trained by our next SBB?  What will Shannon wear to her friend’s formal dinner?

I can feel the anticipation!


10 thoughts on “SBB: Little Things

  1. Hi Shannon! As for me, I went out with a friend yesterday and today we went to Church and then out to eat lunch with some friends of ours. I wonder what your paint color is! That is so funny that Wesley is just a white blur in one of the pictures! Have fun!

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    1. Thank you! Isn’t he hilarious? That’s him in ‘turbo dog’ mode. I have finally settled on Lilac Macchiato from Valspar – it’s a greyish purple blue color – and I’m looking forward to showing ya’ll the finished product!


  2. Love your pictures! It is hard for me to not desire things when I can’t purchase them. So I too take a ton of pictures. A lot of times after looking through them I don’t want them anymore. I also use the pictures to show others exactly what I want haha, for birthdays and Christmas ideas.

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