SBB: Name Announcement, and Gospel Songs!

Picking up the conversation of my life from where I last left off…



His name is Wesley Morris!  (we haven’t picked a middle name yet, but we’ll get there!).  Thank you all for name input, and putting up with my crazy excitement over him!  He’s such a furry blessing 🙂

Wesley is very smart, and also already making progress in potty training.  He sits on command, and still likes to nip our feet.  I think he’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, today will be a brief Blues Buster as I am traveling to Huntsville Tx today.  My hope with this post is to simply bring the beautiful mysterious and yet plain truth of the gospel back to the forefront of our minds.  Without the Good News, I have nothing.  But it’s easy for me to forget to appreciate this act of love, and to think that my hope is made good by my efforts!  I could never come close to God if He had not come close to me.  So anyway, here’s a Gospel Playlist for today! I hope you guys enjoy it, and that it encourages you greatly. Love you folks!  Have a fun Sunday!

Gospel Songs Playlist For Your Sunday:


Mercy said no – Cece Winans

Nothing But The Blood – Keith and Kristyn Getty

Dead Come Alive – Full of Eyes, featuring Tyler Joseph and Travis Whittaker

Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys

In Christ Alone – Keith and Kristyn Getty

How Sweet the Sound – Citizen Way

All I Have Is Christ – Full of Eyes, featuring Devon Kauflin

Jesus Loves Me – Chris Tomlin

Wishful Thinking – MercyMe

It is Finished – Jimmy Needham


What is your favorite song about the Gospel?  I also love the old traditional hymns ‘Just as I am’ ‘Come Thou Fount’ and of course, ‘Amazing Grace.’



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