SBB: Room décor!!! And Goofing Off

Welcome back to the Blues Bustin’ headquarters of Southwestern U.S.A. – step right in, everything here’s free, and guaranteed to make you laugh – or groan because of the cheesiness!

Today’s Blues Buster will be short, and sweet.

I know some of you clicked on this because I said ‘Decor’ in the title!  It’s great if you’re one of those people who really loves painting, interior designing, furniture arranging, ect.  I like to think that I do.

But if I’m honest:  It stresses me out!

Who knew picking paint colors could be so HARD!? Do I pick the paint I like the most?  Or the one that looks best with my room?  What if I don’t want too vibrant of a room, but not too depressing?  Not too cool, but not too suffocating?  What if (surprise!) the paint doesn’t look on my wall the way it did on the nice online website or bedroom I pinned on Pinterest?  How does the color look with the lights dimmed, the lights turned on strong, the lights out?  What if I can’t figure out the hue of a color, much less the ‘under-hues’ or whatever they call it!

Anyway, I’m excited to show you guys my finished room product – it’ll be a big surprise, to both ya’ll and myself, when I finally make up my mind and paint my room!!!

As far as our dog search goes, we’re most likely going to be looking tomorrow at a Westie male puppy – fingers crossed!  Praying that it will still be available by the time we get there, and that the lady will want to sell to us!  If you have not seen a Westie puppy (West Highland White Terrier) then that is your assignment today:

Google Westie Puppies

100% Guaranteed Smile!


If you’re needing to really hear some encouragement, please know I’m thinking about you and praying for you.  In fact, this evening I will be especially praying that whoever comes across this post and needs encouragement will get some from my goofing off.  In fact, that should be my prayer for all my SBB posts.

Anyway, Kafka and Conrad are too grouchy to pose for pictures right now-  they are disgruntled due to the bedroom renovations; like most philosopher frogs, they do not like change.  They are sticks in the mud, just like me!

Finally, in case you have not cracked a smile the entire time, here is a link to a goofy YouTube video.  You will either laugh or think I’ve lost my mind.

I love you guys!  Have a great Sunday!


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