The Sea Is Just Too Big

The Sea Is Just Too Big

By Shannon Morris

A poem inspired by my time in Maine.







The sea is just too big.

          I like the little shells beneath my feet

They crackle, crumble, and break like dry paper.

They’re sharp, and jagged, and they cut.


Hiding on the edge of the ocean

I watch the silvery pool eat the Sun,

Consuming it, as the fiery remnants

Dissolve into the water and burn out.

How can I face this ocean that could kill me?

If God is bigger than the sea,

Why won’t He drink it?

Why doesn’t He drink that salty unbearable

Well for me?

Take it away

Or else its salt will burn

And  consume me

Just as it dimmed the light

of the Sun.

There’s no way to escape.

The tide is coming in,

Consequence of my moon.


I bend to the power

Of the inevitable wave,

Resigned, only to find-


The Sea is gone.





9 thoughts on “The Sea Is Just Too Big

    1. This was one of my favorite comments of all time – I am so honored that you enjoyed it, and that my symbolism came through! I’m really trying to work on my poetry. I can tell you are an English connoisseur – I am definitely planning to follow the Inside Cup!

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      1. Oh that’s wonderful! I love symbolism, so I really like putting symbolism in my writing, and discussing it. I would love to have you follow my blog, and get your input on pieces you enjoy, or thoughts you’d like to share. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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