This Sunday Blues-Buster is EXTRA special!

My friend Maggie just did a post on Trail of Lights, from her Spotlight Saturday series.  She did an absolutely fabulous job as always; you can check her work out here.

And guess what?  I am proud to announce that Trail of Lights has just reached


Fireworks, anyone?005


Anyway, my coworkers and I are thrilled… we thought, starting out, that this would be a small thing, and it’s grown so much!  50 followers means 50 REAL PEOPLE who take the time to follow this blog – so thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts.


Can’t you see the deep gratitude on Kafka’s face?

Anyway, I want to give ya’ll a Blues-Buster worth your while, especially today, for this celebration!

First, a little announcement concerning this week’s posting schedule:

  • We will continue our DBT series!  Forging ahead with ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness’ 🙂
  • The last ‘Spice of My Shelves’ post 😦 featuring the books I bought in Maine!
  • While in Oklahoma, (for the 4th) my Mom and I picked a ton of sandplums!  Some of our friends also gave us grapes and figs from their backyard!  So I’m sensing a jelly making session coming on… but first a lot of de-seeding needs to happen.
  • Finally, this week I hope to bake homemade bagels!  So you can follow along with the messy journey right here, on Trail of Lights!


This week was pretty fun, actually.  I found out most of my stomach issues have been related to stress – which was a relief, in a way!  I’m used to trying to get my stress down; in a funny way, knowing the cause of my problems (stress) made my stress go down!

At least, we’re about 95% certain it’s stress.


Also, my family decided it was time to look for a new member of the family – that’s right, we’re checking out shelters and foster families for a dog!

It may seem soon, as it has only been about 2 months since my baby passed away.  But even before we knew Sugar was dying, we had decided to get Mama her own dog, one that would follow her around and be HER dog.  We haven’t forgotten Sugar-bear, nor do we intend to replace her.  In a way, I think at this point having another dog in the house will be helpful, and therapeutic.  I will keep ya’ll updated on our search.  So far, we’ve been especially interested in a retriever mix that was 4 months old (her name was Janet, and her brother was Michael – the Jackson siblings reincarnated, I suspect) and a Havanese mix named Harvey!  They were both precious but just not quite right for our family situation. Hopefully, other loving families in different stages of life will be able to take them in, as they are adorable dogs!

Anyway, enough about me.  How is your week going?  Any advice about choosing a dog at the shelter?  And how are ya’ll’s Sunday Blues?  Are they bad?  Has this series helped anyone?

In case you need pie today, here’s a link to a new recipe I tried out last night.  Hint: when making a pie crust, ALWAYS add the shortening FIRST, and THEN the ice water.  My crust turned out, ah, slightly tough…  the filling, however, was perfect, and it took five minutes to put it all together and into the oven!  You actually create the filling in a blender.  Easy as pie…

In case you need a surprise, here’s a link to a music video by Panic! At The Disco. Trust me, you will be surprised. Unless, of course, you’ve already seen it.

I hope all 50 of you guys have a delightful week!  I’m off to church!  Stay in touch!

8 thoughts on “SBB – CELEBRATION! and PIE!

  1. First my first thanksgiving with my husband, when we first got married, I wanted to make homemade cheesecake. The crust was homemade, and it only took forever to make because I broke grahmcrackers by hand. NEVER AGAIN! Haha! But the crust was just some spices, graham crackers, and butter. Very simple, just tedious. And my first cheesecake came out fine, too! : )

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