SBB: Green Lights, Minions, and Wonder Woman…

Hello lovely readers!

I am about to go spend the Fourth of July weekend with my grandparents and extended family!

I’ll be honest; I have a bit of writer’s block today.  Because sometimes, it’s easy to look at the world and just see the sad, and not the good.

Like some book (just remembered, it’s the Upward Spiral) pointed out:  We seldom notice the green lights in life – all we remember are the red lights we hit and get frustrated with.

So today, shall we try to observe how many ‘green lights’ we hit?  Celebrate even the mundane bit of good you might see today.  And I promise you, whoever you are – you can see some good.

On a happy note, I just went to a double-header of sorts – I went to the movie theater with a friend and watched TWO movies, back to back!  It was so luxurious!

I saw Despicable Me 3.  The terrible thing:  I hadn’t seen the first 2.

I know.  But when I first saw them come out, I didn’t think I would enjoy them.  The little minions looked strange to me… and I didn’t really understand what the story was about.


What a mistake I made.



Most of all, I LOVE GRU!

He was such a cute father!

I also loved Agnes!

I even loved the minions!

So my question for ya’ll:  How does DM3 compare to the first 2?  Did you guys enjoy the newest addition to the series?

I’m a fan now.

We went straight from Despicable Me 3 to ‘Wonder Woman’.

My thoughts on Wonder Woman:

Movie was pretty well done – it reminded me a lot of Captain America: The First Avenger, but actually this movie was better, in my opinion.  It was created pretty well, and I loved how they incorporated Wonder Woman’s classic theme song in the soundtrack.  I even loved the main character, Diana.  Sometimes female protagonists annoy me.  Not this lady!  The final fight scene with Aries gave me chills, even!

The movie had everything going for it, in my opinion, until the credits rolled.

And Steve….

Well, I don’t want to give it away.  But let’s just say I left the movie theater feeling VERY frustrated.  The story wasn’t resolved the way I hoped it would be, and that made me mad.  I KNOW you can’t always expect a happy ending… but really?

I don’t know – I may feel differently later.  These are just my initial thoughts after watching the movie.  What did you guys think about the ending?  Were you hoping for more resolution too?  Or was the ending the best thing the story writers could have done?

Love you guys!

7 thoughts on “SBB: Green Lights, Minions, and Wonder Woman…

  1. Happy weekend, Shannon!! That quote about not noticing the green lights and remembering how much trouble the red lights caused us is so true – and so sad. I’m happy that you enjoyed Despicable Me 3!! I saw the first one and loved it shortly after it came out, but I didn’t like the second one as much, haha. It was kind of strange. I don’t know why everyone’s obsessed with the minions, they’re cute and funny and all, but not worth all the hullabaloo they get in advertising and marketing, in my opinion. 😂 I haven’t seen the third movie yet, but I’ll probably enjoy it when I do!

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        1. That sounds so great – I love relaxing times with my family. We had a crazy amount of fireworks on Sunday at my grandmother’s farm! Then Monday, I got to hang out more with my little cousins and spent the 4th driving home. It was a very special time, but exhausting!


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