SBB – You and YouTube, and Some Advice

Hi everybody!  Happy Sunday!

In case this day makes you feel dreary and blue, I am writing a little post to bust your blues.  Today – I am talking about my two currently favorite YouTubers.  I say currently because, I mean, I guess things could change, but hey!  These guys are cranking out quality content.  Maybe these two YouTubers will cheer you up.  And if you need more of a word of encouragement, go to the bottom of this post for a bit of sisterly advice.

Favorite YouTubers

Is YouTubers even a word?

Well, it is now.

My first favorite YouTuber that I discovered is Jennifer Scott.  Her blog and YouTube channel are titled, ‘the Daily Connoisseur.”  I’ll let you look up connoisseur in the dictionary – I’m no English teacher – but I will tell you that Jennifer Scott is a charming, wonderful lady and I LOVE her videos, and her books.  Yes, she is an author, vlogger, blogger, mother, and wife.  She is a great role model, and really encourages me.  In fact, she has made quite a big impact on my life, and I must share her greatness and sweet spirit with my faithful readers.  Her ten item wardrobes are so inspiring, ladies!  Here

is the link to her YouTube channel home page.  If you’re looking for fashion or etiquette advice or just a nice person, go there!


The other person I’m recommending:  The Pop Song Professor (whose true name is Clifford Stumme).  Mr. Stumme is actually a real English Professor.

I’m one of those party poopers who wants my music to make sense – so I spend a lot of time surfing the Internet trying to find the meaning of song lyrics.  I want story, I want artistry, I want background!  And apparently, Mr. Stumme wants that too, because one day I stumbled across his blog, and it was exactly what I was looking for!

Professor Stumme explains the meaning of songs by Pop Artists like the Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At the Disco, and Katy Perry, using the English skills he wields like a Jedi!  And sometimes, his wife April, who is also wonderful, joins him in his videos and gives us her perspective on the lyrics as well.  It is really such a wonderful idea to try to encourage thought and good writing, even in popular music, and I believe it also sharpens one’s brain to try to puzzle together the deeper meaning of a song.  Plus, Cliff analyzes Twenty One Pilots every Tuesday, so, that’s a plus…

The Pop Song Professor has a blog, podcasts, and YouTube videos.  I would HIGHLY recommend reading, listening to, or watching his content.  If you get lucky you may even hear him attempt to rap a Twenty One Pilot’s song!  The link to his YouTube home channel is here.

And please, guys, let me know – who is your favorite YouTuber?

And Now, the Serious Part

Look, it’s a Sunday.  Sundays are tough.

I know a lot of people would be shocked to think that I ever struggled with suicidal thoughts or self-harm – I don’t really look or act like the stereotypical ‘angsty’ teen – but that just shows you NEVER know what a person is going through or who they are by looking at them.  There are lots of people, all over this planet, struggling with powerful urges, addictions, and problems.

I’ve gone through quite a bit of therapy, and stuff like that.  But today, I want to share the most helpful advice I ever got about dealing with thoughts of self-harm and suicide.  So please, hear this word of wisdom not as a cliché answer – things are rarely, if ever, solved quickly and easily.  But as a fellow struggler, I want to share this one piece of advice that has stuck with me.

Don’t even consider suicide or self-harm as an option.

Now, that may sound ridiculous.  I know, because I’ve had days when I absolutely just obsessed over those very options.  And on one hand, you could do those things.  You could hurt yourself.

What I’m saying is, on days when you have some strength, and the fog kind of lifts and you catch a glimpse of how beautiful your healthy life could someday be, tell yourself ‘Suicide and self-harm is possible.  But it is not an option for me.  I am going to do anything it takes, to keep from giving in to those options.”

Why would this help?  Because, my mentor said, when you leave those doors open, and entertain those ideas as possible exit routes, you will go straight for them when you have horrible days.  They are painful, often too easily accessible, sometimes permanent, exits.  We zero in on those drastically life changing exits so quickly sometimes, because everything in our bodies seems to be saying to give up.

But what if you said,’I’m going to fight this fight like there aren’t any exit doors?  I’m going to look for other windows, other weapons, other doors.  I’m going to use all my resources, exhaust all other options, and at least go down fighting.’

When you tell yourself your most obvious solution is no longer an option, it actually forces you to become a more creative problem solver. 

So I urge you, friend: become a creative fighter.  Please say no, self-harm is not an option for me.  Find other ways, no matter how difficult, to problem-solve.

And remember you are worth the problem-solving.  You are worth the fight.

We’ll talk more about these things later.  I promise.  But today, just rest.  And try to consider all your options.


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