More from ‘Art and the Bible

Hello everyone!  Happy Saturday.  Here are more quotes from a book I featured in my last Spice of My Shelves – it’s called ‘Art and the Bible’, by Francis Schaeffer.  I also have a link to a mural that one of his quotes talks about… the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it is an amazing piece of artwork I would LOVE to one day see in real life.  Also, if you need a song to listen to today, he mentions in the book how he loves the piece of music called, ‘Dettingen Te Deum’ by G. F. Handel.  I highly recommend it 🙂

Here’s the link to Dettingen Te Deum and

here is the link to the Paul Robert mural.

Quotes from Francis Schaeffer:

‘I don’t believe cherubim is a figure of speech.  Cherubim have form and are real.  In fact, I am looking forward to seeing them one day.’

‘…Beauty has a place in the worship of God.  Young people often point out the ugliness of many evangelical church buildings.  Unfortunately, they are often right.  Fixed down in our hearts is a failure to understand that beauty should be to the praise of God.’

‘God is interested in beauty.  Come with me to the Alps and look at the snow-covered mountains.  There can be no question.’

‘But once we understand that Christianity is true to what is there, true to the ultimate environment – the infinite, personal God who is really there – then our minds are freed.  We can pursue any question and can be sure that we will not fall off the end of the earth.  Such an attitude will give Christianity a strength that it often does not seem to have at the present day.’

“Man by the Fall fell at the same time from his state of innocence and from his dominion over nature.  Both of these losses, however, can even in this life be in some part repaired; the former by religion and faith, the latter by the arts and sciences.

-Francis Bacon, quoted by Francis Schaeffer

‘The Christian life should produce not only truth – flaming truth – but also beauty.’ 

‘In the art museum at Neuchatel are 3 great murals by Paul Robert… one of the murals testifies to the fact that Christ has a relationship to agriculture, another to the fact that Christ has a relationship to industry.  But the third one.. depicts the relationship between Christ, the intellectual life, and the arts…

In the background of this mural he pictured Neuchatel, the lake on which it is situated and even the art museum which contains the mural.  In the foreground near the bottom is a great dragon wounded to death.  Underneath the dragon is the vile and the ugly – the pornographic and the rebellious.  Near the top Jesus is seen coming in the sky with his endless hosts.  On the left side is a beautiful stairway, and on the stairway are young and beautiful men and women carrying the symbols of the various forms of art – architecture, music and so forth.  And as they are carrying them up and away from the dragon to present them to Christ, Christ is coming down to accept them.’


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