My Car, and Reflection Melodies


Sometimes, when I get home after a long drive, I like to just sit in the driver’s seat and think.  The sun will be in just the right place, incredibly bright but forced to shine through the veil of green leaves that envelops my entire house.  I watch the dust particles fly around my car like fireflies in the sunlight, and I just be what I like most – quiet.


Why does the passenger seat look so much like a person to me?


Thinking of a lyric from Car Radio – ‘Over the course of human existence, one thing consists of consistence: and it’s that WE’RE ALL BATTLING FEAR…’


Songs I listen to when I want to reflect:

  • Dream – Priscilla Ahn
  • Home – Michael Buble
  • Soundtrack to ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ by Thomas Newman
  •  What It Means To Be Alive – Danny Gokey
  • Prove Me Wrong – Tyler Joseph
  • Not Today – Imagine Dragons
  • Pavane for a Dead Princess – Ravel
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – Ramin Karimloo
  • Bring Him Home – Josh Groban
  • The Sower’s Song – Andrew Peterson
  • Rain Keeps Falling – Andrew Peterson

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