SBB: Gummy Pigs

So… this is almost a Monday Blues-Buster, because over the weekend I developed another infection and honestly, I don’t like to even move or speak when I’m sick!

But yet, here I am…


Once again, many thanks for the support all of you have shown.  I DEEPLY appreciate it, from the heart.  I am still grieving Sugar, but I got a photo the other of her and her dog ‘husband’ Pecos Bill, at their Petco wedding… and that really cheered me up!


Today’s blue’s buster is short and sweet, literally and metaphorically.

My parents went out of town and brought back gummy pigs:




What genius had the idea…?!!!

Anyway, I’ll end this post with a link to a video of a kind of ‘poem’ that Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots wrote.  Maybe ya’ll are sick of hearing that I like them…

but this blog is kind of for me to, so –

I really like them, and think this is just worth hearing, partly just because I love the way he uses words and context so powerfully, and just because I do think we should all be careful before we post ANYTHING online.  That goes for me too.  We’re all walking the line when we’re online.

Love you guys!


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