SBB: Many, many thanks

Hello everyone!


I am back… much to everyone’s dismay!!! 🙂 Lol, jk!


Seriously, I just wanted to say thank you.


Thank you to everyone who has left such loving comments, who has reached out to comfort me, and has offered to talk, email, ect.  I never imagined such a support system could come from starting one little blog.  You guys are family now.  It’s official.  One of my biggest comforts has been coming on here and reading the comments.  God has been so kind to put people like ya’ll in my life, and He has been comforting me through you guys.


Allow me to apologize for the long silence.  I have not posted any the past week or so, and I have not been able to read everyone’s new posts 😦 or respond to the comments as quickly as I would have liked.  Please know that I am coming back now, plan to post regularly as before, and I am excited to rejoin this community!  Thank you for your understanding and patience!


One more time, a big



And now, the best way I can express my appreciation is an attempt to bust Sunday Blues!


#1 I finished college finals!

My first year of college is over, and I am satisfied relieved can hardly believe it awestruck exhausted in tears hysterical and ect…


This is the text I sent my friend when I realized I was DONE for the summer:

Acceptance speech for the Completion of Freshman Year Award:

‘Thank you, thank you all so much… first, I want to thank all the coffee shops, free Wifi hotspots, and study guides that really went above and beyond to help… Caffeine, honey, I wouldn’t be here without you… so thank you!!!’

Actually, the real people I should thank are my Mom and Dad.  They have helped me reach my goals time and again, and I could not make it without them.


#2 Shopping ordeal…


So… I went shopping…


What started out as a visit to one store soon became an obsessive, OCD-ish quest to find what I was looking for… I visited 2 different stores miles apart and a mall, drove all over my home town, and didn’t actually find what I was looking for… except I kind of did…


I’m going to have a post with the new stuff I bought later on – cause I’m so excited about the purchases – but here are some photos of me goofing off!




Yeah, that is what it is like to shop with me… just ask my Mom 🙂


#3 I redecorated my fairy garden


What do ya’ll think?









#4 If you haven’t seen James Veitch, you MUST!

My aunt recommended this fabulous youtuber who replies to spam emails… obviously, I haven’t been laughing very much lately, but this guy almost brought tears to my eyes!!!


Here’s a link to his TedTalk:


#5 And finally, you know when you’re walking through the store, looking at merchandise, and you see an item like a notebook or painting, with what looks like a cheesy quote on it?  But you stop and read it and think, hey, this is kind of profound, in a way.  That happened to me, at Home Goods.  Here’s the notebook I saw:


What do I expect?  I expect that God will continue to provide for me, even when I don’t see how He can possibly still love me.  I desire to be more like Him, every day.  I respect people of wisdom, kindness, gentleness, and patience.  And I admire perseverance, integrity, and selflessness.

What do you expect, desire, respect, and admire?


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