To Whom It May Concern!

A letter from Kafka, the amphibious secretary at Trail of Lights,


To Esteemed Faithful Readers,

(and to whom it may interest),


Greetings! I trust this letter finds you all in slimy good health.  If you have been perusing this blog regularly, you may have noticed there has been an absence of posts in the last week or so.  This was due to a number of circumstances which befell the senior editor of Trail of Lights, our own Shannon Elisabeth Morris.  Briefly, these circumstances included:


A Bake Sale

Exams and Presentations in College


A funeral for an Aunt who will be dearly missed


Shannon apologizes for her absence, but trusts the faithful remnant of readers will understand.


In the meantime, she asked me, in her stead, to share some of the news and goings on in her life which have so occupied her the past couple weeks.  So here follows a much condensed account of happenings in the life of S.M.:


#1 A Haircut


As promised, photos have been provided to the public.









#2 Three Birthdays, respectively

Danny Symes – Shannon’s youngest cousin.  He has reached the age of 4 years

Michael Morris- Shannon’s brother- he will reach the age of twenty one on Friday

Shannon Morris – she will reach her birthday on Wednesday, April 26th.

Of course, a family dinner was in order, and birthday cake.



#3 Exams and presentations

Nothing miraculous here.  Just a persuasive speech on why humans should eat breakfast, an informative speech on Krav Maga, a biology exam, a sociology exam, and a biology presentation on the properties of Life.

I told Shannon she is doing tolerably.  She’s no Sophocles or Aristotle, but she’s doing well for a blonde.


#4 Krav Maga Seminar


Shannon returned home with bruises on her knees, sore muscles that she didn’t even know existed, and a greater knowledge of how to beat up people who try to beat up her.  Greetings, fellow Kravs!


#5 A Bake Sale.


That’s all we have to say about the Bake Sale.  Shannon never wants to dip a cake ball in chocolate again.


#6 A Funeral for my Aunt

We do not grieve as those who have no hope.


#7 A quiet sunset in the grocery store parking lot



As for Conrad and myself, we have been making use of our vacation time by resting in various ways.   We read aloud from Plato’s Republic and Virgil’s Aenid, debated various philosophies, and attempted the modern culture’s method of relaxation – namely, eating junk food and binge watching episodes from Star Trek:


Posts should resume with a Sunday Blues Buster this Saturday, so, to quote Shannon’s quaint colloquialism, ‘stay tuned’.




10 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern!

  1. Happy Birthday Shannon. I hope you have a great B-Day. Grandma Schroeder would have been 95 today. Madison really enjoyed being in your Blog. I showed her your pic. Your card and birthday gift are in the mail. Love you. >


    1. Thank you so much Papa Jim! It’s good to hear from you on my birthday. I’m glad Madison was happy about her photo! And thank you for the wonderful gift – I received it in the mail. I love you too 🙂


  2. Your hair looks great! I cut mine once a year, it gets below the middle of my back and I cut it shoulder length. It always feels so light and you are right easier to wash. Although it takes me about a week to stop dumping a handful of shampoo into my hand lol. Did I read one of your comments correctly your birthday was yesterday(26th)? If so, mine was yesterday too! Happy Birthday, I pray all your birthday wishes came true! God Bless you 🙂


  3. Ja, det er skikkelig slitsomt, men mye av det er morsomt på en sånn slsbtom-asiurd måte, også. Jeg våkner og tenker: Kjøpte jeg virkelig sigg til Stoltenberg? :)Men søvnparalyse er ikke noe for pyser, altså. Huttetu, det er fælt. Heldigvis opplever jeg det ikke så ofte lenger, det var verre da jeg var yngre.


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