SBB – my sociological experience

So, apparently I’ve lived all my life within driving distance of a world-wide tourist attraction – AND I’VE NEVER BEEN TO IT!

Until now.


That’s right!  My big brother Michael took me to the Cowtown Coliseum – for the Fort Worth Rodeo!



See that guy on the right who looks like he’s trying to give a high five? He’s riding a bucking bull!


It was hard for me to get pictures of the bulls, because I was so nervous that someone was going to get hurt!  Every time someone fell off before the 8 seconds, I jumped and leaned forward, to see if they were still alive.  It was so fun to watch, though!

Those great creatures are huge, and so majestic.

2017-03-25 00.28.36


2017-03-25 00.27.23

2017-03-25 00.25.24

There’s my big brother – a true Texan!  He has been to the rodeo many times, and he explained the rules of the different competitions to me.  A friend of his worked at the rodeo, opening the doors of the bull pens for the bull fights, so he got us free tickets!

There were people from all over the world there!  Women in beautiful saris, at least one person from Australia, and many others, I’m sure.  And of course, the majority of the people there had on cowboy boots!


2017-03-25 00.33.21

I’m proud of my cowboy heritage!

I loved all the competitions – though I must say the funniest game was the children’s game.  Little kids lined up in the arena, and when a calf with duct tape on its back was set loose, they had to chase it down – whoever gets the duct tape wins!  I’m pretty sure animal rights activists would be furious, but it was pretty darn cute to watch 🙂


The reason I went to the rodeo in the first place was because my sociology professor had the class do a sociological experiment – basically, everyone had to choose to do something they had never done before!  One girl was going to a monastery.  People could go to nursing homes, football games, or ballets – anything they had never done!  So I went to the rodeo, and in short, faithful readers, had a pretty great time!  If any of ya’ll are ever in Texas – go see the rodeo.  You won’t regret it!




7 thoughts on “SBB – my sociological experience

  1. What a fun experience! The children’s competition sounds so cute 🙂 although I’m sure, like you said, it makes many animal activists mad, hah. You have such a sweet big brother!


      1. You’re welcome! I’m doing my best to be a good model for my younger siblings – it’s difficult sometimes, but is definitely an honor and a privilege, as well. 🙂


  2. Sofia muchas felicidades por el progreso y avance en tu relacion, estoy seguro que en unas semanas mas podrás gozar de un matrimonio estable y baudcneaao…salldos sofia y que dios te bendiga


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