My Great Grandmother and Her Delicious Cake Recipe!

I never got to meet my Mom’s grandmother, Great Grandma Mildred.  But I feel like I knew her – she seems so real to me!  My Mom and my Grandmother talk about how sweet and soft-spoken she was.  How she liked to knit.  How she used to bake delicious things like date cake, and the recipe I’m about to share with you – a no bake, 4 ingredient, super easy, rich cake.  Are you excited yet?


Recently I’ve been craving sweets – again, it’s that once a week craving I get! – and I asked Mom to buy the ingredients I needed at the store, which are:


-Whipping cream

-Graham crackers



We already had sugar on hand, but you’ll need that too.


To make this cake, just place a graham cracker on a plate or pan.  Cover it with a thin layer of applesauce.  Top that with a graham cracker, layer it with applesauce, then get another graham cracker, ect.  All in all, I used seven graham cracker and applesauce layers for my 2 cakes. Beat the whipping cream until it becomes cream – add sugar till it is as sweet as you like!

Then, cover the entire graham cracker cake with the cream, and pop this amazing concoction in the fridge.  Let it chill several hours, or more if you want. If you’re impatient, try the freezer!


Slice and serve.



Here’s the two seven layer cakes I made, covered with cream.




You can barely make out the graham cracker layers.  Trust me, this cake is AMAZING and will satisfy any sugar-thirsty teenager like me!


2017-03-06 19.57.29

In the midst of waiting for the cake to chill, I called my Grandmother with a question about when to put on the whipped cream.  You see, her mother, my Great Grandma Mildred, was the one who used to make this cake.  When I told Grandma I was making her cake, she told me that today, March 6th, was the day Great Grandma Mildred had passed away.

I was shocked.  I had no idea this was the anniversary of Grandma Mildred’s  ‘waking up in heaven.’  I was just wanting to make this amazing cake that had been handed down to me through 3 generations of my family.


I thought this was an amazing story, and wanted to share it with you guys, not just so that you can have this incredible cake recipe, but so that I can honor and remember my beautiful Great Grandma Mildred.  I can’t wait to meet her one day!


2017-03-06 19.07.04

This is Grandpa Dean on the left, Grandma Mildred’s husband, and Grandma Mildred herself is on the right.

4 thoughts on “My Great Grandmother and Her Delicious Cake Recipe!

  1. I bet this is good, it sounds like it. The simplest things usually are. No coincidence that you wanted it on the 6th and she woke up in heaven on this day. Very inspiring. God Bless you 🙂


  2. Thank you, Shannon for this wonderful blog. I don’t even have this picture of my parents, but I’m pretty sure they were about ages 19 and 22 in it. It was probably taken soon after they got married at ages 19 and 21. So about your age. Cool, huh?


    1. That is so amazing! I can’t believe she was about my age – she looks so beautiful and grown up! You’re welcome. I love you so much! Hope you are doing well 🙂 Hello to Mitzie!


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