The Screwtape Letters: Photo Journal, part 1


The Screwtape Letters:

A Photo Journal, complete with quotes from ‘The Screwtape Letters,’ By C. S. Lewis

Letters from an affectionate demon uncle to his undertempter nephew, Wormwood.


‘I have no intention of explaining how the correspondence which I now offer to the public fell into my hands.’

-C. S. Lewis, the Preface



‘Do remember you are there to fuddle him.’


‘Bring him to a condition in which he can practice self-examination for an hour without discovering any of those facts about himself which are perfectly clear to anyone who has ever lived in the same house with him or worked in the same office.’


‘Whenever they are attending to the Enemy Himself we are defeated, but there are ways of preventing them from doing so… turn their gaze away from Him towards themselves… When they meant to ask Him for charity, let them, instead, start trying to manufacture charitable feelings for themselves and not notice that this is what they are doing… When they say they are praying for forgiveness, let them be trying to feel forgiven.  Teach them to estimate the value of each prayer by their success in producing the desired feeling…’


‘The great thing is to direct the malice to his immediate neighbours whom he meets every day and to thrust his benevolence out to the remote circumference, to people he does not know.  The malice thus becomes wholly real and the benevolence largely imaginary.’


‘All extremes except extreme devotion to the Enemy are to be encouraged.’


‘Once you have made the World an end, and faith a means, you have almost won your man..’


‘Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal… As long as he [the patient] lives on earth, periods of emotional and bodily richness and liveliness will alternate with periods of numbness and poverty…they are merely a natural phenomenon…’


‘He cannot ‘tempt’ to virtue as we do to vice.  He wants them to learn to walk… and if only the will to walk is really there He is pleased even with their stumbles.’


‘Never forget that when we are dealing with any pleasure in its healthy and normal and satisfying form, we are, in a sense, on the Enemy’s ground… it is His invention, not ours.  He made the pleasures: all our research so far has not enabled us to produce one.’


‘We want cattle who can finally become food; He wants servants who can finally become sons.’

3 thoughts on “The Screwtape Letters: Photo Journal, part 1

  1. Great pictures, Shannon! 💙 The last two remind me of one of my favorite playgrounds as a child. We used to call it ‘the tire swing park’ because the best part about the whole place was the swing in the back made out of an old tire. 🙂 I loved that place!


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