Love from God





My Jesus, I love You.

How could I not?

T’would be a sin to not remember,

A shame if I forgot

The crown of thorns at Calvary,

The burden of the cross.

What You considered a gain,

Most considered loss.

For our feeble acts of kindness

were all for selfish means.

But Your all saving grace

was not for love or power or things.

You were a Prince, of lovely Paradise,

yet You left Your throne.

When Your rebellious children would not listen,

You heard mankind’s groan.

How glad am I, my Jesus,

that You came to set me free.

That Your holy grace and mercy

Were poured out for me.

Before I ever thought of You,

Or lifted up a prayer.

Before I ever spoke to You,

or knew that You were there,

You thought of me, Lord Jesus.

20170210_161044Your love was always there.

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