A Valentine’s Day Greeting!




A brief log of my day of love…


7:00 – hit snooze.

7:05 – hit snooze

7:10- hit snooze

7:15 – finally realize I have to get up

8:40 – rush out the door with sausage and pancake sticks for breakfast

9:20 – end up at school, 10 minutes early!

11:20 – realize speech is canceled!  So I head out for an early lunch…

12:20 – hanging out in the hall till biology begins

1:56 – rush out of the parking garage to make my 2:00 dentist appointment

2:05 – realize my dentist appointment is actually an eye doctor appointment – so I make a u-turn

2:15 – arrive at my 2:00 appointment

4:30 – start a pecan pie, as I’m blinking to adjust to my new contact lenses, and snack on chocolate kisses

6:30 – a delicious dinner with my beloved family!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  From Kafka, Conrad,

Shannon and Sugar at Trail of Lights.

will you be my Valentine?

3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Greeting!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Shannon! Looks like you had a pretty full day! I’ll have to write a blog post about my Valentine’s sometime soon, as sooooo much happened, but I’ll tell you this much right now: today was awesome!! 😄

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