SBB – Scones and Love Songs

Presenting – yet another Blues Buster!






Which, I think we all need right about now this time of the week!


I’m sure you encountered some hard things this week – I did too, though nothing disastrous!Ā  Hopefully, this post will bring some cheer to your Sunday, turning those sad blues into rays of sunshine – or at least a paler shade of blue šŸ™‚


First, I would like to provide you a link to a website page which contains a simply ravishing scone recipe –


Ordinarily, at this point bloggers present a magazine-quality photo of their baked goods.


Anything I would have taken a picture of has already been consumed.Ā  Let that be a testament to the goodness of these scones!!!


Because mornings are typically difficult for me unless I start them with a good breakfast, I tried making these scones ahead of time, so I wouldn’t be rushed preparing a morning meal.Ā  And it worked!Ā  So that was one very pleasant victory this week.



Anyway, the other half of this post I’ve been wanting to do forĀ a while.Ā  For a while I’ve noticed that many love songs, while not written for this purpose, are helpful when I’m trying to comprehend God’s love for me.


It’s a difficult task, to grasp God-sized love.Ā  And when faced with your mistakes and problems, it can seemĀ impossible to even imagine how God could still love you.


But I know He does.


So this week, I’m sharing some love songs with my faithful readers – but try to listen to them a different way.Ā  Listen to them as words from God, to you, one of the members of His Bride, the Body of Christ, the Church, or as songs from you to Him. Ā He is faithful, and no one is too hard for Him to love.


All I ask of you – Andrew Lloyd Weber

Oh Ms.Ā Believer – Twenty One Pilots

I will be here – Steven Curtis Chapman

Don’t Deserve You – Plumb

You raise me up – Josh Groban, or pretty much every artist ever!

Unfailing loveĀ – Jimmy Needham


And here are a coupleĀ  definitely about God’s love, and our need for Him!

Abide with me – Henry F. Lyte

The Love of God – Mercy Me




Have a good Sunday!




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