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Hey folks!  This is just a brief post to help out anyone who… well, who may be studying for college finals – or needing supplemental instruction as he or she prepares for tests – or teaching homeschoolers – or those who just never stop learning!  (and if that is you, that’s great) 🙂

A former homeschooler myself, I know there are a lot of challenges to this particular path- moving into high school subjects can be hard, as parents sometimes do not feel adequately equipped or have the time to cover these increasingly difficult subjects.  But even if you’re a student in dual credit courses, or a freshman in college (like me) these resources can help you out too!  Best of all – THEY’RE FREE!


Without further ado… let the flames of knowledge be kindled!


Free Online Learning Resources

 American History –

This is a handy-dandy, pretty comprehensive timeline.  I love timelines – it helps my brain feel less distraught when tests approach.  When I get the feel of the flow of U.S. events, it’s a lot easier to study.



Free Rice –

This is a great website, introduced to me by a neighbor!  It has many subjects – including vocabulary – that it will quiz you on.  It’s basically an educational game! Also, for every question you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated through the World Food Programme to end hunger.


Crash Course Videos – on YouTube


Gotta love YouTube!  An amazing series resides in that wonderland – the ‘Crash Course’ series by John and Hank Green.  They have videos for dozens of subjects – I have personally used them to study and learn about literature, American History, Psychology, and Biology.  They are funny, great videos, probably best for high school and up!  I will say: they approach most subjects from a different perspective than I ordinarily would – a more liberal take on history, and a lot of references to ape- to- man evolution in the biology videos – but I still think they are marvelous resources.  If you are watching them, like I am, from a Christian and more conservative worldview, it is helpful to hear the different take these guys have on these subjects – we need to learn about these opposing viewpoints so we can learn to think critically, evaluate and articulate clearly what we believe, and have a better understanding of how most people think about the world. It also shows how the consequences of our ideas show up in the diverse field of academics. I think you will still enjoy these videos greatly, even if you don’t agree 100% on everything!  They helped me so much on my biology exam!  These can also be accessed through Khan Academy:


which leads me to my next resource:


Khan Academy –

It says on the website that it is free for everyone, forever!  So, good deal, right?  I haven’t personally used it much, but I have heard good things about it, and wanted you guys to know about it.  There are SAT prep, economics, computing, science, and humanities courses – man, this is getting me excited just looking at it!  And it contains courses for mathematics for Kindergarten all the way through high school!  Go check it out, if you’re struggling in an area – they’ll probably have something relevant for you.


Just Math Tutorials –

Patrick, of Just Math Tutorials, has created many, many, many videos on everything from arithmetic, to algebra, to probability and statistics, to an exciting category entitled ‘miscellaneous’.  These videos helped me enormously during my college algebra class.  They are clear, concise, and everything a math tutorial should be!


And finally, go find your local library website – countless free books are waiting, at the clicks of  few buttons!  The library of the world is waiting for you!


Well, I think that’s all!  Let me know what online resources you use in an academic pinch!  Educational games count, too – I like to feel like I’m studying while having a blast!  Have fun!



2 thoughts on “Online learning resources

  1. Great list, should be useful to any student at almost any level. Love that you included Free Rice because it combines two of my favorite things–learning and helping the less fortunate.


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