I talk to myself about counting





Stop counting, little girl.



the lines.


Making sure

there will be a

correct quota

of letters on all

the lines.

Stop –


Stop counting

all the dirt on all the

hands.  Stop the counting.

Stop the washing.

Stop the bleeding now.


Stop this death rhythm, the

dark rituals, the dances.


is uneven.


It is.


Isn’t your mind tired,

little girl?  Tired

of the rows, lines,

letters, ledgers,

records, numbers,

perfection, and torture.

Mind weary.

Guilty and


Let no belief

 but one that

leads you to the cross

rule you.

One time is enough, little girl.

One counting.

One washing.

One death.

One resurrection.

One repentance.

One redemption.

Stop counting, little girl.

I know you count your sins.

Erase the record in your mind;

love keeps no such thing.

Stop counting


and cast them

on a tree.

A tree whose four sides

are mismatched.

God is the Counter,

little girl.

Stop counting.




10 thoughts on “I talk to myself about counting

    1. Thank you for hosting another great party! Have a fabulous weekend! Also I would love to invite you to share any of your favorite posts to Freedom Fridays Blog Hop. PS Giyavweas are always welcome at Freedom Fridays!


    1. 1acIšao sam tim Greenlineom 757 nekoliko puta (oni su u partnerstvu s easyBusom, dakle možeš i preko kupiti kartu) i bilo je sve savršeno OK. Ne moraš se voziti skroz do Victorije već možeš sići i na Marble Archu, ovisno što je bliže tvojoj deicsnatiji.1f


      1. I have doubts about McKellen getting noitnamed. The are so many supporting actors to choose from in the Hobbit part 1, they might not know where to start. I rekon because he’s such a national treasure in Britain the BAFTAs might go insane and nominate Stephen Fry for his role as the Master of Laketown instead ie a left field choice.


    1. I love spicy, crunchy fish stick too, Angie! They are treat for this vegiratean sometimes when I'm having a serious meat craving. I will do mine this way next time I can get my hands on some fresh fish. This does look better than any fish stick dish I've ever seen:)


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