SBB – a DIY Scentsy project


DIY:  How to Make Your Own Wickless Candle Using Scentsy Wax and a Sink

I love good smells.


When you can find an exceptional scent, you need to keep it.  The wonderful thing about the ‘wickless candles’ Scentsy and Bath and Body Works and all those stylish boutiques advertise, is the incredible variety.  There are scents for happy times, and scents for sad times.  There are scents for concentration, and there are scents for deviation.  There’s ‘Sweater weather’ scents, ‘Lint in the Dryer’ scents, ‘Sweaty toes’ scents, and ‘Maple bacon omelet’ scents.


You can create any mood simply by dropping a cube of colored wax into a hotplate.


I received one of these magical memory makers at about fifteen years of age.  I am a connoisseur of atmosphere – or like to believe I am.  When I am in my room studying, I choose the right music, the right lighting, and now, with the marvelous majestic scent-dispelling Scentsy, I can choose the right perfume.  It’s wonderful how the first thing that greets your guests when they walk into your tiny attic room is a decisive, powerful scent that almost takes their breath – and brain – away.


I think the scent I chose that fateful day was Sweet Pea Blossoms.


Before I continue, let me say:  I am not known for my common sense.


Some of my best exploits:  toasting saltine crackers and chocolate chips on a piece of cardboard over a lightbulb (a delicious fire hazard), putting my foot through a piece of sheet rock while leaning on the wall (I’m not as light as I used to be?) and putting a hole in the sink (yes, I mean, I have made a hole in the ceramic basin of a sink).


And now, I will use the unfortunate exploit of the Scentsy candle to teach you a DIY project:

1 First, heat a lovely Scentsy scent.

Let the wax melt, turn the lights down in your room, eat saltines toasted over an open lampshade – relax.  This is the fun part of the project.  Savor the moment.  Read.  Rest. Wait.


2 After a few days, decide you want to change the Scentsy scent.


After a few days, the wax loses its potent grip.  Slowly, the scent of ‘Vanilla Deodorant’ or ‘Wet Dog Fur’ weakens, and the four corners of your room grow bland once more.  If you can inhale without overwhelming your nostrils with the power of the Scentsy, it’s time to change the wax.


This is when you discover,

3 You don’t know how to dispose of the wax.


There’s no garbage bag in your little desk trash can, and you don’t want to pour hot wax into that.  Sure, you could carry the wickless wonder downstairs to the large kitchen trashcan, and safely dispose of the lackluster gloop with your beans and rice, and your bills.  But you’re looking for a quick, easy solution.  The wax is so liquidy, like a warm thick mulled cider, that you begin to


4 Remember all those times you poured unwanted liquids down the bathroom sink…


There’s a convenient upstairs sink, just waiting for you down the hall.  It might even freshen the scent of your pipes, if you pour a little ‘Chocolate truffle delight’ down the drain.  So you


5 pour ALL the extra melted wax down, down, down  the drain – till it begins to act funny.  As it leaves the warm cradle of the Scentsy, the wax begins to perform a fascinating phenomenon – it returns to its original form.  It changes – it transforms.  Somehow, you didn’t anticipate that the wax would begin to slowly harden as it cools, and soon you have a nice, wickless candle forming in the plumbing of your vanity.


6 Get Your Dad

At this stage, an experienced plumber is appreciated, as someone well acquainted with the world of pipes and PVC will be needed to unscrew the maze of seamless plumbing, and retrieve the tasteful, shapely, wickless candle you created in the bowels of the sink.  Instruct them to be careful as they release the candle from its mold, so that it will not crumble, and look perfect in a nice candlestick on your dining room table.  At this point, feel free to sit back and admire your work.  Have a boyfriend or someone you want to impress over for dinner, and tell them (modestly, but not too modestly) how you made this gorgeous centerpiece yourself.

Feel free to pin this project, and share it with all your friends, so that you can all enjoy a DIY wonder – reusing Scentsy wax by melting it, pouring it down the sink, hardening it, and creating a work of art.  It’s something you can do with the kids – they’ll spend hours pouring that ‘Molten lava and charred flesh’ scent into your bathroom sink, master bedroom sink, kitchen sink, and laundry room sink.  Then have some quality time with the pleasing Plumber in your life as you remove the finished product together.

Have fun! And let me know how you dispose of your sensational Scentsy wax!

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