Antiques and angst

My first semester of college is over.


Milestone, right?


The FINAL final is over.  Never again will I take college algebra, art appreciation, and history 1301.  Psychology and government will continue to haunt me, I suppose – I think I have to take one more government now, and of course, my major is psychology.  But I have finished my first round of basics.  I feel like I’m in Rocky, with a bunch of black eyes – now I just need to drink some raw eggs, and punch some raw meat!  It wouldn’t be the first crazy thing I’ve done this semester!


There’s no way I could have made it through this last week  – or the entire semester – without the help of my family.  Everything else changed – but my family didn’t.  That was fine by me.  Coming home was the best part of many of my days.


Anyway, now that the stress and the late nights and cramming are over, my body decided it could flop.  I literally jerked up from a nap after my last final, convinced I had missed the test that, in reality, II had just taken.  That’s what stress will do to you, folks.


In psychology, we talked about the stages of stress.  You have the initial state of alarm, the resistance stage, where your entire body works overtime, and then the final stage of exhaustion.  I think there’s a fourth stage: oblivion.  Anyone who just finished five finals will know what I mean 🙂


As I waited to take my government test, I decided to stop running through the names of the Speaker of the House, the Majority and Minority, and Whip leaders over and over again, and take a walk.  My college is conveniently located next to a nice park.  I pulled my little car into the parking lot, got out, and walked over the arching bridge that leads to the walking trail.  My skirt was too short for the freezing weather – my legs started to feel like numb sticks.  Geese, ducks, and white long-legged birds of some species had gathered in the icy river.  Sitting beneath the rattling leaves of a huge old tree on the banks of the river, I felt a sense of peace.  I’m a city girl for sure, I guess, because even the sound of the cars driving by on the road was soothing and gentle to me.  White noise.  One of the best kinds of noise.


Here’s the park:







Anyway, after this exciting, thrilling, and stressful week, I did come down with a cold.  If you are suffering with a cold, allow me to humbly recommend three home remedies of the best sort:  1, just take a vacation from worrying.  It has taken years to convince me that worrying DOES NOT help – all it does is give me a twisted, illusionary sense of control.  Just resign yourself to the illness, and 2 ENJOY it.  Yes, enjoy.  If you’re lucky enough like me to have the ability to take a couple days and devote them to recuperating, then do.  How often do you get to do that?  I have always dreaded being sick, but I have also learned that there is sometimes no other opportunity to be able to heal your body, slow your mind, and pray and rest.  Enjoy the opportunity to read a good book.  I actually felt the illness coming on, and went straight to the library after delivering my final essay and brought home a pile of books.  One of which was Beowulf!  I’ve never read Beowulf; as soon as I’ve finished it, I will provide an account of it to my faithful readers.


Oh, and my third home remedy recommendation:  Whiteflower oil.



It works wonders on your congested, stuffy, aching sinuses and head.  Just try it:  it is beautiful.  Full disclosure warning:  DO NOT DRINK.  Just put a little in your hands, and let the powerful aroma envelop you 🙂  Paper mache bird not required.


Finally, I made an exciting purchase I wanted to share with you guys!  My Mom took me to a little hole in the wall called ‘Butler’s Antiques’.  At least, it looks little… from the outside.  When we stepped in, my jaw literally dropped – the lady standing behind the counter noticed my expression and smiled.







Antique stores sometimes are hard for me to enjoy.  I guess I’m not much of a history buff, and I can’t tell an original from a reproduction, usually.  But I’m interested in people.  And for some reason this little store seemed full of personality.  It’s sprawling, chock full of old things piled upon old things.  Dolls, hats, quilt patches, lamps, books, everything!  You name it.  My Mom and I only sifted through most of the indoor section.  An entire back area outdoors was devoted to more antiques.  In a little corner, free hot cider and cookies graced a table laid with delicate china.  It was a little girl’s tea party, and a shopper’s treasure house.





We emerged, among other things, with an awesome book that I hope will be a great conversation piece when I one day have a house.



Apparently, a Barbara Thomas, like me, had once ventured into the world of college.  She had taken a course in the history of ‘costume’, or clothing, probably sometime in the 1950s.  A requirement of the course was keeping a scrapbook.  All the instructions for these scrapbooks are typed neatly in the back of the book:


You can’t read it entirely, but the teacher says ‘under no conditions include illustrations cut from books.  The latter will be viewed with alarm’ !!!!  I can’t believe the teacher actually wrote like that!   Times have changed.

The scrapbook is divided into sections, each beginning with a title page, such as ‘Egyptian’ or ‘Medieval’.  Ms. Thomas had traced pictures of old outfits from Egyptian eras or Medieval times, and then included cut outs from ‘modern’ (1950s) magazines, that reflected the impact of the older era.  Here are some examples that she thought had Egyptian influence:


Keep in mind, this was a ‘modern’ outfit at the time!


It was so incredible to hold this old book, that someone had painstakingly created.  I feel like I know Barbara a little bit now!  She was very careful and neat throughout her entire book.  The instructor also had a personality too.  Many of Barbara’s examples were not up to the professor’s standards – beside some of Barbara’s entries, the teacher literally wrote, ‘not good.’  Just that.  Nothing more!


Quite a professor indeed.






Anyway, it was an incredible treasure.  I purchased it, cheapskate though I am, because it absolutely delighted me.  Oh, why can’t we dress like we did in the fifties!?



Happy Sunday!  Will be posting another little bit soon – tomorrow’s my Mom’s birthday, and I plan to create hot fudge sauce – gulp!  If all goes well, I will share the recipe.


Stay warm!



2 thoughts on “Antiques and angst

  1. That looks like such a beautiful park! 💚 I love getting to go to new parks 😊 Congratulations on finishing your first semester of college! I bet it feels great to have completed it. What has been the most enjoyable part about going to college so far?


    1. Oooh, man! Hmmm… I think it’s been the challenging new classes, and learning new things. I love to read, and college is a great opportunity to find good reading material! It’s also a good opportunity to love people who may not have very many kind people in their life – I’m praying that I can do that more as the year goes on. By the way, I went to your site, and tried to follow – does it look like I’m one of your followers now? Though I have a blog, I am not yet super tech savvy! I hope you are doing well 🙂 Blessing!

      Liked by 1 person

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