Trail of Lights – the Poem

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Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  – James 1:17

You will take care that not all the paths of good be closed… I look back in wonder at the path which I alone could never have found, a wondrous path…

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn







     Trail of Lights



I hope you see leaves,

these summer leaves,

changing like they always do.

Red, yellow, brown, green, orange,

but never blue.

Blue – that’s what the sky is for –

so when you can’t see me,

keep your eyes fixed on the unchanging sky;

you know what I mean.


I hope you’re noticing the little children

who walk the halls of our house.

Yes they grow up, yes they can harm,

but they’re full of innocence now.

You were like them once, my friend,

and you remember your helplessness, your hurts, your mistakes.

But boy, I love gentle heroes,

not proud, unfeeling fakes.


I hope you see the trail of lights

that has gone before you all your life.

Yes, there’s injustice and nightmares, but friend –

 peace is as real as strife.

Tears are fine, if you have them;

the good Lord knows I’ve shed some too.

But follow the lights, watch the sky, and remember –

I am missing you.






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