The Goal: SMILE

hpim4955The goal of this post is simple:

What will it take to get you to smile?


I am going to try my level best to make you smile.  Because ‘a cheerful heart is good medicine’ – (Proverbs 17:22) and because I really need to smile too.  Because… (drumroll please!)  my very first college finals are coming up, and I am just a tad nervous…

So here we go.


Attempt #1:  My selfie fails


Ok, this one’s not too bad… only my dog kept moving, and I look a little creepy…



I was supposed to be in the above picture…



I can’t believe I’m putting this online!


Attempt #2:  Dr. Goodword puns:

‘You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.’

‘A man’s home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.’

‘Every calendar’s days are numbered.’


Are you groaning yet?  For more, check out :


Attempt #3:  A nostalgic reminiscence…



Yes, that is me… aren’t babies cute?  I had a little attitude, I guess!

Hmmm… well, if you check out the books, books, books page on my blog, you will see this photo:


One of my favorite things to do as a young child who could not yet read was to pull picture books off the entire shelf, one by one.  I would make up my own stories based on my ‘scholarly’ interpretation of the pictures…

Hours passed by in this fashion 🙂  My favorite, if I remember correctly, was the Mother Goose rhyme book, because it had the most pictures.


Attempt #4:  Makoto Fujimura

Even if you are not into art, I strongly, STRONGLY recommend you at least Google this man’s work.  It is breathtaking.  One of my favorite artists now, I think.  Let yourself be inspired!

Here’s the link to his works page on his official website:

I wish I could do what he does!

Currently, I am working on one painting.  It involves a lot of curlicues, glops of paint, and it is still not finished… but here it is, in case you want to know what I’ve been doing at 11 o’clock at night (not that that’s creepy, or anything)…


I think I was inspired by all of Fujimura’s golds and blues in his paintings.





and finally, if you STILL haven’t smiled throughout the ENTIRE post –

Attempt #5 – one of the very first poems I ever wrote

It seems appropriate, given the current season…

Bells, Jingly Bells



jingly bells.

Happy music floating far.

No one buys or sells such swishy music on a sleigh

What beautiful music I have found in bells,

Jingly bells.



Have a happy day!

Shannon M.





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