Pick-me-up melodies

Hello!  In case I haven’t already told ya’ll, I am a HUGE Twenty One Pilots music fan….



hpim4540Their music inspires me to doodle!




It’s  good for my darker moods, or if I’m feeling very energetic and need a beat to match my mood.

But what about if you just want a sunny day kind of vibe?

Even though it’s getting cold, the world just keeps getting sunnier and sunnier.  The autumn leaves are getting brighter, and it’s just really lifting my spirits.  So I thought I would give you guys some good old fashioned fun.  Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, right?  And we just need to lighten up and listen to some Frank Sinatra.






Let a little joy in!


15 Songs That Will Make You Smile:

Frank Sinatra’s ‘Somewhere beyond the sea’

Frank Sinatra’s ‘You make me feel so young’

Elton John’s ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’

The Beatle’s ‘Here comes the sun’

Michael Buble’s ‘Haven’t met you yet’

Michael Buble’s ‘It’s a beautiful day’

John Denver’s ‘Annie’s Song’

John Denver’s ‘Take me home’

Hillary Scotts’ Beautiful messes’

Moriah Peter’s ‘I’ll wait for you’

Train’s ‘Play that song’

Owl City’s ‘It’s always a good time’

Barlow Girl’s ‘Hello Sunshine’

Britt Nicole’s ‘Gold’

Ellie Holcomb’s ‘As sure as the sun’





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