Silliness with Shoes…

I don’t shop often.


Okay, let me rephrase that…

like every American, I probably shop a lot compared to the rest of the world.  But, I don’t window shop, because when I shop I have a need.  I go the store, walk in, find the exact thing I want and buy it – or if they don’t have it, I don’t – and then I walk out and leave.  For me, shopping is capture the flag – there is a strategy, a goal, and a victory.

Shopping with browsers is more like an epic journey through Middle Earth.  You are embarking on a long road full of strange and mysterious sights – and you may not return to your cozy hobbit hole for a long time!


I guess that makes the cash register Mount Doom… it’s difficult to give up your hard earned ‘Precious’!


The art of browsing, or so my Mom has told me, has to do with having a running list in your head at all times of what you need or may possibly need in the future, so that no matter where you are, if you happen to be shopping and find a good bargain, you can go ahead and make a great purchase – and then you don’t feel stressed later when you realize you forgot to buy someone a birthday gift or you’re out of chocolate chips (which, for me, is stressful ).


Did I mention I’m not a window shopper?  I’m just not always that full of foresight… But Mom and I went browsing the other day, at a kind of discount retail thrift store that carries everything from shoe polishing kits to old electronics to tweezers.  This is the kind of shopping I rarely excel in – but that day was an exception!


First of all, Mom and I had a blast!  It’s more fun for me to shop with browsers – when I’m by myself I tend to frustrated and lonely, but Mom finds all the interesting things that get hidden away in huge bins or crowded shelves.  Well, we found some shoes we just couldn’t pass up – I started trying them on, and Mom started taking pictures for me. We weren’t interested in buying the shoes – I was just interested in making a statement, I guess! Pretty soon, it turned into a blogpost:


Shoe Silliness:

again, I apologize for the quality of the photos.  I didn’t have my nice camera, and I forgot to bring my red carpet and the press.



This is such a horrible photo!  But basically you can make out the toothpastey hues of mint green, and the lavish red flowers that embroidered these stylish shoes!  They would definitely keep you warm…



These next ones look like they should be ice skates… if they ever do a live action of Frozen, Elsa should be wearing these…


Honestly, even though we laughed at them, I thought they were kind of cute – I would love to skate in pretty little white skates someday!



This shoe is Kafka and Conrad’s pic.  It says no nonsense!  A professional philosopher frog would wear just such a shoe.


Finally, we have our sparkly, go-to-a-party-and-come-home-with-blisters shoes!





Well, while I was there, I actually made a smart, successful purchase!  I found a precious pair of heels in great condition for $15 bucks!  For someone who has trouble finding shoes that fit, this was the perfect end to a great day!

hpim4953-2   hpim4951-2


Well, what was your favorite pair?

Thanks for joining me, for some SHOE SILLINESS!





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