1 Minute with Charles Spurgeon

Hello everyone!

I have been enjoying the graduation gift my aunt and uncle gave me – the One Minute Devotions ‘Morning by Morning’ : Charles Spurgeon.  It’s a great little book, published by Christian Art Gifts (2005 IL, USA).  I think a lot of things Spurgeon had to say were really profound – so please enjoy some excerpts from this wonderful little book.  Also, I will be putting it up on my Books, Books, Books page – you should check it out!







Day:  February 15th

Believer, you are eagerly anticipating the time when you will join the saints in giving eternal glory to Jesus.  But are you glorifying Him now?  Why not make this your prayer today?


“Lord, help me to glorify You.  I am poor, but help me to glorify You by being content.  I am sick, but help me to honor You with my patience.  I have talents; help me to use them for You.  I have time, Lord; help me to redeem it so that I can serve You.  I have a heart that feels things deeply, Lord; let my heart glow with a flame of passion for You.  I have a head that thinks, Lord; fill it with thoughts of You and that please You.

You have put me in the world for something, Lord.  Show me what that is.  I am Yours.  Take me, and show me how to glorify you now.”


Day: February 7th:

All of us will hear this message sooner or later.  “Get up!  It’s time to leave your home, your business, your family, and your friends.  It is time to take your final journey.”  We know that there is a dark and stormy river called death.  God tells us to cross it, promising to be with us.  And what  comes then?


We know enough about the heavenly land to rejoice when we are finally summoned there.  We will be leaving all we have known and loved here, but we are headed to our Father’s house.  We will be with Jesus.  We will live forever with the Lord we love and with all His people.  Christian, meditate on heaven as much as you can; it will help you to press on, to forget how difficult the journey can be.  This valley of tears is only the pathway to a better country.




Day:  March 12th:


Perhaps you are saying:  “I’d like to love my neighbors, but whenever I do anything, they return ingratitude and contempt.”  Well, that gives you more opportunity for the heroism of love.  Love is no feather bed; it’s a battle.  The one who dares the most will win the most.  If the path of love is rough, tread it boldly.


Love your neighbors through thick and thin.  Heap “coals of fire” on their heads (Rom. 12:20), and if they’re hard to please, then just try to please your Master.  Even if they spurn your love, your Master does not spurn it.  Love your neighbor, for in that way you are following the footsteps of Christ.


Day: February 29th:


God uses the thunders of the law and the terrors of judgment to bring us to Christ.  But He wins His final victory with loving-kindness.  The Prodigal Son set out for his father’s house with a great sense of need.  But his father saw him a long way off and ran to meet him… In every case, loving-kindness wins the day.


What Moses could never do with his tablets of stone, Christ does with His wounded hand.  May He continue to draw me with His love, until I finally sit down at the wedding feast of the Lamb.



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