Sunday’s Blues Buster!


Hello everyone!

The leaves are finally changing here in good ol’ Texas!






One of the goals my friend Catie and I have is the goal to remedy the problem G. K. Chesterton so wisely pointed out – the silence of poets on the subject of cheese.  That’s right:  you heard me.  Here’s the quote from the proverbial cheese lover’s mouth:


‘The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.’

-G. K. Chesterton


Due to the high demand, I have produced, after much labor 🙂 a poem on the subject of cheese.  Mark this, friends, for it is a historic day.  NO LONGER ARE POETS SILENT!  On the cheese they have spoken, and never will they be silent again!





Cheese is the word we say when  we smile.

When shadows fall, wheels of cheese light the sky.

Gouda is the good of the world –

oh anchor in our turbulent Bleu seas;

Would you, sailor, turn away from tangy cheese?

Oh cheese! A thousand pleas

for you not to leave my life.

But grace the shelves of my fridge forever;

with your grateness feed this fife.

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