Flippin’ Fall Frog Fashion




Are you suffering from fashion anxiety?  Do you stand before your closet door on a Sunday morning and sweat?  Are you simply suffering from a lack of creative inspiration in the motley, intimidating world of clothing?


If so, this Sunday Blues-Buster is for you.  Today, we are bringing you world-class fashion straight from the frog’s mouth.  Because, since this blog is on a budget, and I refuse to model, my coworkers volunteered to showcase the jewels of autumn fashion for all our eager readers.  That’s right; it’s time for:

The Colors of the Autumn Wind:

Modeled by Kafka and Conrad




In the crisp leaves of fall, our photo shoot begins.




Soon, our bare specimens will be transformed into palettes of vibrant colors and textures.


First up, Kafka volunteered, with solemn dignity, to model the first accessory of the season for ladies.  The essential decoration for every lady of fashion this season is the versatile, casual, classy





A light, casual scarf could do anyone some good – let it flow, let it breathe.  Let its beauty envelop you.  Wearing a comfortable scarf that breathes on a night out says to your date, ‘I am just casually enjoying this autumn weather – and casually enjoying your company.’


Do you constantly feel left out of the busy, social loop of the frog pond?  Do you constantly feel forlorn, and on ‘the fringe’ of things?  If so girl – EMBRACE THE FRINGE!





The fringed scarf lends an air of reckless abandon.  It waves in defiance, as if to say, ‘I am on the fringe.  I was born on the fringe.  I love the fringe.  I am the queen of the fringe.’  Let your flippery friends think on that!


And finally, don’t be afraid to add a sophisticated, international flair with a bold accessory:




Men, you don’t have to be left out of the fun.  By simply tying a scarf around your stately neck, you can send a message to the ladies that you are a man of class – a man of considerable circumstance.  A man to be reckoned with:





Let the scarf be, man.  Let it breathe.  Let it fly where it will – let it fly!



In the chilly, often melancholy hours of autumn, let that special princess in your life see what a thoughtful frog you really are.




Conrad suggests regaling her by the hour with the writings of Socrates, or the passionate platitudes of Plato, whilst warming each other by a bright fire.


Many men will try to sport the fresh look of a farm boy by wearing denim this season.  Take your gear up a notch by adding a shiny belt buckle:



It won’t look like your wife put you in a denim straight jacket.


For a cute couple’s costume at country dances, moonlit hayrides, or autumn fall frolics, there is one combination that never fails.  Try the classic ‘matching, but not too matchy, country couple prints’:






Don’t forget the rustic twine sash!





Now how darn cute was that!!!


Thank you for joining us, for this episode of

Flippin’ Fall Frog Fashion!!!

A big shout-out to our longsuffering models…




7 thoughts on “Flippin’ Fall Frog Fashion

  1. Cleverness of all clever!! You are crackin me up with Kafka and Conrad and their fashion! And yes, I do struggle with fashion anxiety at times. What to wear and what goes well together and does this not fit anymore? It can be stressful and disappointing at times. So thank u for this Sunday blues-buster and you’ve already cheered me and it’s still Saturday night.


    1. Haha! I’m so glad it cheered you up! I’m glad I’m not the only one who wonders what to wear… Kafka and Conrad appreciate your positive feedback. They wish you a successful week of fashion! And by the way, I always love the outfits you wear to church 🙂 Love you!


      1. Hola CelesteCòmo estas? Me imagino que con ganas de comenzar a cerrar temas y a veces no resulta tan facil no?En referencia a tu comentario, te cuento que en estos dìas, ya algunos destinos comenzaron a ofrecer tarifas para marzo del 2010. Es importante que te interiorices al respecto, ya que todo lo que se organiza con tiempo sale mucho mejor y ademas marzo es una temporada muy rerqeuida.Mucha suerte y felicidades


      2. Man blir fasen mörkrädd när man läser anhörigas kommentarer hos dig Catta!!! Som den Ã¥sikten att man skulle fundera pÃ¥ varför han gjorde det….som om det vore lite förklarligt att köra 18 hugg i huvudet pÃ¥ en människa. Galet. Otäckt att denna människa som dödade din bror ska “rehabiliteras” bland sÃ¥na människor. Nej, lÃ¥s in han och kasta nyckeln. Punkt.


  2. Thank you for giving us a reason to embrace the fringe. It sends a message to those around us that we don’t care if we’re fringe-y and we actually love being fringe-y. We are not just the queens of fringe. . . we are empresses of fringe. I am convinced that fringe is the way to go this year.

    Kafka and Conrad, you guys are too cool to be legal. I shall no longer fret my little head about if I’ll be dressed to impress, because if I can look like a frog, all my hopes and dreams will come true and, in the words of Elizabeth Bennett, “How shall I bear so much happiness?”


    1. To our most distinguished follower,
      Lady Catydid of the Fashion-most Isles,
      It is with solemn dignity and much gratitude that the staff of Trail of Lights Blog and co. sends you a thousand thanks for the kindly comment our lady saw fit to post upon the comments section. The philosophers, poets, and amphibians of said blog wish to extend a warm filial embrace to all who reside upon that most sacred fringe, and hope that in the texts of our blog, all our gentle readers will find a kindred spirit. We extend an open, webbed, and slightly damp hand to any fringe-dwellers or wool-gatherers with much joy. May your fringe thicken tenfold, and your fashion never fail!

      Respectfully yours,
      Seniors Kafka and Conrad


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