A Rough Week?



Are you having a rough week?

I hope not.  But honestly, I have.

It’s been full of dark early mornings, rushed meals, and a lot of busy work. One thing about me is, I like to have a clean, organized bedroom.  It’s the one place I can really just flop!


But this week, I didn’t have time to clean my room, so I felt really out of sorts.  Class registration for Spring semester in college starts soon (which I absolutely can’t believe) and a lot of people I know have been having health problems, and visiting doctors and hospitals more than they would like.

Sometimes, I just want to be held and comforted.






So what do we do in times like this?  Because honestly, if I think about it much, I start to feel really down.


If any of my readers out there have lost anyone this week,

I just want to say I’m so sorry.


If anybody’s depressed right now, or messing with OCD, like me,

I hope it gets better for you.  I know it can.


If anybody is in pain,

I hope you heal and are comforted.


And if you’re experiencing all these things,

here’s some music suggestions for you.  See, I’m a music fanatic.  If music isn’t playing, I’m only half-living!  Just kidding, I love silence too, but I simply can’t sit with my own thoughts too long.

So here’s my first song list post.  Hopefully no matter what genre you love, there will be something on here that you can listen to.  Presenting:


Soundtrack for When I’m Sad



By the way, my dog loves you 🙂



1 Decide this Doubt for Me – Red Mountain Music;

by William Cowper


2 Jehovah Shalom – Shannon Wexelberg


3 O Magnum Mysterium – Morten Lauridsen


4 Thy Will Be Done – Hillary Scott


5 If Ever You Were Mine – Scythian


6 Addict With a Pen – Twenty One Pilots


7 Before You Start You Day – Twenty One Pilots


8 Human Side of Me – Ryan Stevenson


9 I believe in Love – Barlow Girls


10 Nearer My God to Thee – Anna Weatherup


11 Monster – Detektivbyran


12 Never Gone – Colton Dixon


13 The Silence of God – Andrew Peterson


14 Runaway Train – Soul Asylum


15 Daylight – J. J. Heller


16 Smaointe – Enya


17 What Makes You Beautiful – Piano Guys





3 thoughts on “A Rough Week?

  1. grandniece, your grandma (my big sweet sister) told me i should look read your blog, she was right as usual. what a delight to see you have such a gift of words and photography. you may not know this but your great grandma, mildred, had a wonderful GOD given gift to place words together and your grandma really is talented with a camera. so i guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. dee tells me about how well you are doing in school (read 2nd timothy 2:15) keep up the good work. love on your brothers, dad and mom for me. when you come to norman come and see barb and me i love you dlr


  2. Hi Uncle David! I’ve been reading all your comments and really appreciate the encouraging words! I really hope Grandma Mildred would have liked the blog – I would have loved to meet her. Thank you for taking time to read my posts. Yes, I wrote the poem Trail of lights, I hope you enjoyed it! I hope to see you again really soon, Lord willing, and will be reading 2 Timothy 2:15 – such an important call for us to heed. I love you! Prayers and love to you and Aunt Barbara.
    Shannon M.


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