Is Fall Here? Really?


Hello everyone!

I hope you guys have had a Happy Halloween! Did anyone see any cool costumes?  I stayed home and watched a movie  (The Dark Knight Rises; shout out to Christopher Nolan!).

My family and I were home all evening… and we did not have a SINGLE trick or treater!  It was kind of depressing!  😦 but at least we have an enormous bowl of candy now…  I also baked a chocolate cake, made homemade queso dip, and my mom made amazing fajitas.


Oh, I promised I would share recipes on this site… so here’s my recipe for the chocolate cake!  Don’t worry, anyone can do it.  All you need is:



and a Pillsbury chocolate cake mix.


I also promised cheesy jokes.


So here’s some things you can say to people who are grating cheese for homemade queso dip:


“Man, that dip looks GRATE!  Oops, I just made a CHEESY joke!  This meal looks so GOUDA!”


My brothers made these awesome jack-o-lanterns at a Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP) party.  These aren’t your typically scowling, jagged toothed lanterns.  These are works of art… seriously, I love these pumpkins so much!






Aren’t they amazing?  My brothers are pumpkin Michaelangelos!


The flowers are from the local Botanical gardens:



It’s fall.  For real.  Even though it isn’t cold yet.




2 thoughts on “Is Fall Here? Really?

  1. Woo hoo! The cheese is back!! However, I must say I’m intolerant of your lactose. And although gouda is “gouda,” cheddar is better. As you said so eloquently in recent times, “Let’s milk this for all it’s worth!”

    Happy Fall!


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