Introducing… my coworkers

Hello!  I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday… but in case you are not, here is my Sunday blues-buster post of the week!

In the midst of post-high-school-graduation-let-down-syndrome, I received a gift.  This gift is a gift that keeps on giving, and it is time for me to share it with the world.  (Just a side note:  I apologise for the quality of the photos that you are about to see – I need to buy new batteries for my dying camera 🙂


In a prominent corner of my bedroom, there sit two watchful, silent companions.  They are alert, solemn, and preside over the comings and goings of the day with aloof interest appropriate to their positions.


How to describe them?


Judge for yourself.





Ladies and gentlemen… I present my tireless, expressionless, amphibious coworkers- the sources of hours of unprecedented amusement – I give you –

Franz Kafka



and Joseph Conrad




Look into those froggy eyes!  Who can tell what unexplored depths lurk beneath their goggly surface?


Check out these feet!




Together, Kafka and Conrad repose, reflecting on the nature of the world and musing on philosophical theories of various natures.


They don’t talk a lot.  Frog geniuses keep to themselves.  Honestly, they remind me of the famous Thinker by Rodin.  I mean, they don’t speak, but their faces are practically seeping with wisdom – ‘cogito ergo sum’, so to speak.  I wish they were my college professors.

Anyways, from now on, they will be featured periodically in my blog.  Always together, of course.  May they impart some wisdom to your life.  In an insane world, we must look to sane frogs for a course of action!20161029_095606


Just kidding.




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