If We Cannot Speak

By Shannon Morris






If We Cannot Speak,

What can we do?

Yes, words are just words, but it’s also true

that syllables hold power, communication is key

for the lights inside your brain to pass

from you to me.

And if you take someone’s voice away,

how demeaning is that? 

Their words are invalidated, they have no right to say,


“STOP.  Listen.  I’m not trying to attack you. 


My voice speaks my heart- if you shut up my heart,

all the good, all the bad of it,

will be lost in the dark.


My heart may not interest you – but it does exist.  I exist,

and existing is risking, risking rejection.

I don’t have much to speak, but when I do,

let me say it. 


Yes, words can hurt.  We’ve got to cut down on our casualties.

Yes, silence is golden. 

But the right to speak should go unspoken.”



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