Sunday Blues-Buster

Sundays are my suicide days.

I don’t know why they always seem so dismal…

-Twenty one pilots, Migraine


This quote pretty well sums up the Sunday dilemma: Sunday afternoons are my number one blue time of week – but why?  Why are they consistently ‘dismal’ and dark?

I used to think I was the only one who dreaded Sundays… but I have since realized that whenever I start a sentence with ‘I’m the only one’, it’s probably not true statement.  Although I probably am the only person who likes to smell the nail polish on her freshly painted fingers…


Here’s the deal:  for whatever reason, Sundays are tough.  So let’s try something.  Let’s try: the SUNDAY BLUES-BUSTER.

We’ll try to go from Sundays that feel like this…123

To Sundays that feel more or less like this…


Or even like this…


What emotion is that?!!?

So, here’s an attempt to bust some blues clean out of the ballpark!



One very sharp author who hits the nail on the head consistently is G. K. Chesterton.  I keep a dialectical journal – that sounds super fancy!  It’s just a collection of passages out of books that I really loved and enjoyed, or quotes that got me thinking.  After I read something particularly striking, I write it down, and then journal out my thoughts.  As a very emotional person, I think this thinking exercise is good for me 🙂

Here’s how it looks…20160907_092937


Let me read you a good observation that G. K. Chesterton made:

‘There is the great lesson of the Beauty and the Beast; that a thing must be loved before it is lovable.

-G. K. Chesterton


God loved the world – the world full of sinners – despite all the darkness, pain, ugliness, and rejection of goodness.  Could I love someone who hated me? Who ignored me, disrespected me, and wounded me? I know I cannot consistently love difficult people on my own.

In fact, I am often the difficult person myself.  I’m not the hero of my story – I am a ‘brute beast’ (Psalm 73) before God…  I am a damsel in distress.  But how many princes in fairytales love princesses who are neither good, nor kind, nor beautiful?  Jesus’ love is just so radical… so different.

One lady I know who knows how to love Beasts is my Mother.  I am a true beast on certain days – no fun to be around, trust me!  But my Mom doesn’t try to avoid me, or get me to just, ‘snap out of it.’  She stays with me – and honestly, that’s usually just what I need… somebody to be with. She loves me when I’m sweet – and when I’m very, very sour!  Shout out to Moms this Sunday!

You may feel unlovable this Sunday.  But though I have only lived 18 years, I have never met a truly unlovable person – and I don’t think I ever will.  Have you?


I know I’m not the only one with Sunday blues – so I’m just going to say: I’m sorry you are feeling down.  I plan to be here every Sunday, with a little something to hopefully help you along.  Maybe other people in your life can help you too.  Just remember, Sundays are just another day – maybe this Sunday won’t be so sour for you, if you remember that…

Thanks for reading,

S. M.



3 thoughts on “Sunday Blues-Buster

  1. Sugar, you’re the cutest dog on the web at this moment!! 🙂 Great idea, Shannon. I will anxiously await next week’s Sunday Blues Buster! I just might need it… 😉


  2. And one more thing: Andrew Peterson, on his new album “The Burning Edge of Dawn,” has a song called “The Rain Keeps Falling.” Look it up! It deals with loneliness, feeling like you’re hiding part of yourself, feeling like God will never rescue us, when all through the song the theme “peace, be still” is sung. It’s a beautiful song. I highly recommend it on Sundays!

    And then listen to something like Jamie Grace’s “With You” or “Beautiful Day,” or that cheery TobyMac/Jamie Grace duo singing “Favorite Song” to bring some pure, radiant sunshine into that Sunday! That’s my prescribed playlist to enjoy while you’re reading Trail of Lights’ Sunday Blues Buster! May God help us all rejoice and be glad in the day He has made!


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