Dr. Goodword is out of his mind!

By Shannon Morris


Hi Guys!  Just wanted to share something that might make you laugh.

It’s hard to find good clean humor – but I have finally found a website that is both clever, generally clean, and plays off the idiosyncrasies of the English language – something I can’t resist!

It is Dr. Goodword’s Office – here is the link:


Everything from mistranslations, misprints in church bulletins, and random phrases in Latin can be found at this wonderful website!  Let me know what you think 😉


I also want to direct you to a very edifying, wonderful blog run by a couple of my friends and fellow authors – it’s called Out of Our Minds.  Gorgeous photos of fluffy chickens adorn this blog’s pages – and you can read snippets of the blogger’s creative works.  It is awesome!  It makes me happy, looking at those chickens… I do not have the link for that one at the moment, but I will be sure to get it, so you guys who haven’t seen it don’t have to wait any longer!!!


Anyways, have fun!



One thought on “Dr. Goodword is out of his mind!

  1. Hey Shannon! I will look at Dr. Goodword ASAP!! Sounds like a blast. The English language is a wonderful (horrible) thing.

    By the way all you lovely blog-reading people, I shall disclose my true identity: I am one of the authors of the blog Out of Our Minds! -gasp!- I have resided in the shadows long enough. The website is http://www.outofourmindsblog.blogspot.com. Thanks, and keep up the good work Shannon! This blog is inspiring!


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