The point of THIS BLOG!

Dear Self,

Why are you making a blog again?

Well, I’m glad you asked, Shannon!

Here are the lofty, idealistic goals… and how they will probably play out!

1 I want to make people’s day better – in other words, there may be cheesy jokes.  There could be goofy pictures of my dog, or geeky quotes. There will humor… or at least attempts at humor.  There may be an inordinate amount of smiley faces 🙂

But I want people to know they can be sad here, too.  And that’s okay.  It is NOT a crime to be sad.  Believe me, I have my days too.

2 I want to share my creative muddles with you… so I may be posting – who knows?  I’m an introvert, so every other month?  Year? 🙂  I will have poems, or short stories… maybe just lingering questions in journal form.  I am looking for feedback, so anything you have to say about my work would be much appreciated!


3 This is a positive way to cope… basically, I’m trying to survive college!  This seems like a good way to learn from others, let out the caged inner beast, and stay in contact with friends through getting my thoughts and inner heart out on the web where hundreds of people could possibly scan and read my profile and look at my pictures of my personal life!!!!


That is terrifying.


This blog is for me, and my readers.  Please enjoy – even if that just means laughing at my blogging attempts!

A thousand thanks to family and friends!









2 thoughts on “The point of THIS BLOG!

  1. I love your blog goals, Shannon! I’m so excited to read them, and I hope we can enjoy connecting in this vast land called the internet. Also, perhaps every now and then a poem featuring certain meaty/cheesy food items can be posted? Just a thought. . . a deep, dark thought. . .


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