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Raining Flowers

By Shannon Morris



What if flowers rained from the sky,

and water drops bloomed from the earth?

But the heavens cry, those clouds of paradise,

and lilies grow up from the dirt.


What if puzzles never missed any pieces,

and darkness did not mix with light?

But so many pictures, to our eyes, seem unfinished,

and stars shine their best in the night.


What if birds sang with words, carefree,

and tongues made glad lyricless songs?

But humans abuse the power of speech,

while winged friends sooth the world so wronged.


What if every great creation were easily understood,

and no one knew what meant, ‘bereft’?

But masters of art are still teaching their pupils,

and we must die to escape our death.


What if all was good, and hope wasn’t wanted.

Would oceans laugh instead of sigh?

But in stormy seas an anchor is needed,

and above us, the heavens still cry.

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